mardi 8 mars 2011

Version 1.5

Final list of changes in v1.5
- moved buffer files to sdcard (uses less phone memory)
- add stream buffer size setting (for android 1.6)
- added move to sdcard option
- added dark widget
- added autoretry on connection fail
- added alarm clock
- added timer
- added .pls support
- Fixed outgoing calls will pause the radio (before only incoming call would pause the radio)

4 commentaires:

  1. Hello,

    thanks for this great app!
    I'm using it for months.
    I love the new clock feature, it works like a charm.

    I've got a BIG problem since last update : sound is always distorted and connection fails every 5 second... It occurs with all radio streams and with every kind of network (wifi or 3g).
    My guess is the new stream to SD feature has to do with this...
    Any idea or solution?

  2. In french or anglais ?...
    In french : j'ai un acer liquid metal, est ce que AndroRadio fonctionne avec le module radio de ce tel, ou uniquement via wifi (or 3g) ?
    en effet, je souhaite l'utiliser en guise de radio reveil, en mode Avion (wifi et 3g off).

    anglais : I have Acer Liquid Metal phone, with radio feature. Is AndroRadio working only thu wifi (or 3G) connection ?
    I am looking for a Radio wakeup Appli, under AirPlane mode (wifi/3G connection off).

  3. Hi, great app. I like the alarm feature. It could be improved with some functionalities present in Alarm Droid. I'd like to choose the sound volume, so that it is independant from the media or ringtone volume when the alarm rings.
    I let it as a feature request, but would lovely help to implement it since I am an Android developer. Unfortunately Androradio isn't open-source.


  4. @Alex : Sorry I don't have a solution for this problem.

    @Bruno : AndroRadio utilise uniquement le wifi et 3g.

    @Terry Laire :
    The volume must be linked with the media volume,
    but I will add a setting for the alarm.