jeudi 12 août 2010

Features to come in v1.5

The following fix will be available in v1.5 :
1- the buffer files will be moved to the sdcard, to use less phone memory.
2- added stream buffer size setting : this is only for device before froyo
3- added move to sdcard option : the problem with this is that you can not use widgets if you install the app on the sdcard. but I recon that it won't be necessary because almost all data will now be stored on the sdcard.
4- added a dark widget
5- added automatic retry when connection fail, and setting to disable/enable it :
if you loose connection for a short time, androradio will try to reconnect automatically (10 times by default).
it will also work if you switch between 3g/wifi.
6-Fix : outgoing call will automatically pause the radio. Before, only incoming call would pause.

Bluetooth control : next/previous/play/pause/stop
Timer : stop androradio after a set time
Alarm clock : add an embedded alarm clock
Recorder : record a radio to sdcard

AndroRadio blog

Hello everyone,
I though I would start this blog to let you know about AndroRadio,

Current version is 1.4 but I am hopping to release the next version sometime in September,
Thank you for all the comments and email,
I still have a lot to do mainly for the Froyo update, and there is still around 1200 new "radios request" I have yet to check.
For people who submitted those request, I am very sorry it is taking so much time.

Hope you enjoy AndroRadio!

Thank you for the support