jeudi 12 août 2010

AndroRadio blog

Hello everyone,
I though I would start this blog to let you know about AndroRadio,

Current version is 1.4 but I am hopping to release the next version sometime in September,
Thank you for all the comments and email,
I still have a lot to do mainly for the Froyo update, and there is still around 1200 new "radios request" I have yet to check.
For people who submitted those request, I am very sorry it is taking so much time.

Hope you enjoy AndroRadio!

Thank you for the support

4 commentaires:

  1. hello,it is a great app, i love it, would you put more dominican( dominican republic)radio stations?? i am wairing for it.


  2. Hello,
    I am trying to add as many radio as possible,
    but as I said in my post I still have more then 1200 radio to check :-p
    it takes a lot of time...

  3. The app is not stable on Android 2.2. Over Wifi can listen to radio but as soon the screen goes off the radio stream terminates. Over 3G it either doesn't connect to the server or disconnect from the server after few seconds. Annoying as this was one of my favorite app. Now I regret updating to android 2.2.
    Any idea when the new release will be available (is it going to be september?) and is it going to sort out the issues mentioned above? By the way I am using an HTC Desire.
    Keep the good work....

  4. Hello,
    I have a desire too but I am still on 2.1 atm,
    I am waiting for an official update of my phone to release the new version.
    (I have too check that it works on official firmwares)

    The wifi problem is that it's getting shut down when the screen is turned off.
    I have added a few tricks that I hope will fix the problem