jeudi 12 août 2010

Features to come in v1.5

The following fix will be available in v1.5 :
1- the buffer files will be moved to the sdcard, to use less phone memory.
2- added stream buffer size setting : this is only for device before froyo
3- added move to sdcard option : the problem with this is that you can not use widgets if you install the app on the sdcard. but I recon that it won't be necessary because almost all data will now be stored on the sdcard.
4- added a dark widget
5- added automatic retry when connection fail, and setting to disable/enable it :
if you loose connection for a short time, androradio will try to reconnect automatically (10 times by default).
it will also work if you switch between 3g/wifi.
6-Fix : outgoing call will automatically pause the radio. Before, only incoming call would pause.

Bluetooth control : next/previous/play/pause/stop
Timer : stop androradio after a set time
Alarm clock : add an embedded alarm clock
Recorder : record a radio to sdcard

2 commentaires:

  1. J'ai un petit bugbug sur Desire sous Oxygen RC7 : l'application ne tourne pas en fond lorsque je lance une radio et que je reviens sur ma home
    AndroRadio se ferme

    Très bonne application sinon!

  2. Oui je suis au courant du bug,
    La prochaine version devrait mieux fonctionner dans ce cas de figure.